What is PF Return and what are Some of its Lucrative Benefits?

If you are a working professional or going to be a working professional within a few days, then you must have heard your elders and seniors talking about PF return. Did you ever try to understand what is it all about? Yes, it is all about retirement benefits for the employees. Want to know about it in detail? Here it is…..

An Insight into the Concept of PF Return!

The employee's provident fund, shortly known as EPF refers to a special type of scheme that is controlled by the Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act of 1952. It is regulated by the EPFO, i.e., Employees Provident Fund Organization. The application regarding PF return is applicable for companies that employ more than twenty persons.

Voluntarily, organizations having a lesser number of employees may also obtain PF registration. The provident fund refers to the social security system that has been introduced exclusively for encouraging savings among the employees. The savings will duly benefit them post their retirement.

The contributions are made by both the employer and the employee every month. The contributions related to PF can be easily withdrawn by the employees during retirement. Employees that have successfully registered for Provident Fund are only eligible for filing of returns monthly.

What are Some Exclusive Benefits Associated with Filing of PF Return?

Nowadays, with the high advent of internet technologies; almost every activity can be carried out online. Similarly, it is possible to opt for PF return through a few clicks. People not proficient with the web technology may choose to file the return through offline mode as well.

Are you aware of the highly remarkable benefits associated with registering for Provident Fund Return? If no, then below are some of them:

  • Enhances the welfare of the employees

Opting for provident fund returns will enhance the overall welfare of the employees. It will help the employees to understand the way the organization values their overall welfare. People opting for filing the return of the provident fund will truly benefit in the future.

  • High compliance with the law

Companies complying with the needs of PF return will no doubt, benefit from the respective scheme. Also, the company will remain transparent all along the process associated with registering for provident funds.

  • High level of social security

The entire process related to the provident fund is managed by the Employee Provident Fund Organization. This particular organization will help in the easy regulation of the entire process related to PF return registration. Thus, it is essential to comply with the system so that the procedure becomes free from any type of hassle.

  • Medical benefits assured

The medical benefits associated with the registration of PF return are manifold. Employees will be in a position to withdraw a specific amount of salary from this particular contribution that is equivalent to a higher amount of money. It will help in meeting medical needs during emergencies.

Keeping in high consideration the above-mentioned benefits associated with Provident Fund return, you must be planning to go with the same. Logging in to will help in filing the return for the same smoothly.

You will be guided by the experts so that it becomes easy to carry on with the procedure.