Private to Public Limited Company

Private limited companies can be big but still, if you have a Pvt Ltd company and want to add more business partners or want to buy shares publicly, then you have to convert your private limited company into a public limited company. Every private limited company always wants to increase their company size and they want to convert their Pvt. Ltd company into public limited successfully. There are some differences also there between a private limited company and a public limited company. If you convert your business from a private limited to a public company then you will be able to offer the option of initial public offering (IPO), so that the company offering its shares to the public.

Then IPO removes the restrictions on the transferability of shares and this is the main feature of the public limited company.  Whenever you need funding, you can sell your share publicly and earn profit as well. Now, if you want to convert your private limited company into a public limited then some procedures you need to follow. You have to create a Board meeting first. Need to issue a notice regarding the agenda of the board meeting. This notice should issue to their respective registered address at least 7 days before the meeting.

Now, inboard meeting following agenda must be included…

  • Adoption of a new AOA(Amended articles of association)
  • Adoption of a MOA (Memorandum of Association)
  • Conversion of pvt. Ltd Company into public limited company

In this Board meeting, you have to take approval for conducting an EGM and the subsequent authorization of a person to be in charge of circulation. You also need to finalize the date, time, and place where EGM has to be fixed. Now, you have to select three directors of your company because in a public limited company every company has to be a minimum of 3 directors as per Government rules.

Choose proper consultancy support!

Some other processes also include which as a business owner you may not understand. To follow proper processes and rules for this conversation, hiring a professional is always best. You can choose my registration website for this purpose. They are one of the best websites that offer online services. To convert your private limited company into a public limited you have to consider many points. You just need to follow such points or steps properly and proper guidance help to achieve your goal properly..

What are the documents required for converting Pvt. Ltd company to public limited company?

There are different types of documents required for this conversion process. Following documents every company need if they want to convert their company into public limited company.

  • First digital signature of all directors
  • You have to send digital identification number (DIN)
  • Identity proof required for all directors
  • You have to submit address proof for all directors
  • Pictures required (passport size)
  • You also need to send proof of business address.

Apart from this all-other information also required like proper papers of business partners, office address, whether its own or rent, then its papers. Copy of utility bill, rent agreement, certified copy of the latest financial statements, and latest tax copy as well. Finding the best deal from a reputed company always. a reputed company always provides you best consultant who will help you at every step from preparing documents to appear works and all legal activities. Hiring an expert advisor or consultant means you are giving entire work to them, they will prepare documents, submit, help you for any support and help to convert Pvt.Ltd company into public limited within a certain time.

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Basically, converting a private limited company into a public limited is always a straightforward process. All that need some proper process and board meeting and general meeting for this purpose. A special resolution is also needed for this process. Once you will convert your business into a public limited company you will get many benefits. Public limited can be listed on the stock exchange. For public limited, there are some specific members that need to be allowed. A public limited company must include a minimum of 7 members onboard meeting. so convert your private limited company into a public limited company without much worry now!