Change in LLP agreement (Change in LLP)

If you have The Limited Liability Partnership company and want to change the LLP agreement then you have to know many things properly. As per the Indian government, there are some rules and regulations and a proper process which everyone should know! The LLP agreement is one type of charter of an LLP company that is similar to articles of associations for a private limited company. This agreement shows all the scope and rights, duties, and responsibility details. The agreement must be straight forward and the agreement can be changed anytime. In the LLP agreement, people need to do is pass a resolution approving the revision.  And the next step is they have to file form 3. You have to submit within 30 days with the registrar of the amendment in the agreement.

How to change the LLP agreement?

There have some steps which you need to follow…

Step 1 - In an LLP company, partners must be agreeing with the required changes, and then they need to make a draft.

Step 2 - Once resolution is made, now within 30 days form 3 need to be filled with the registrar. Within form 3 some details need to be put, like…

You have to be aware of the date of LLP agreement modification.  What will be the reason for modification? Whether you need a change in agreement for changing business partner or for change in business activities.

Step 3 - Company also needs to fill up form 4 and filed it with the registrar. It has to submit along with form 3.  If you want to change the partner, then you have to change in name, address, designation, and other details.

Steps must contain 3 important points like

•          Accord consent of partners

•          You have to make authorized to designated partner

•          And execution of supplementary LLP agreement.

Sometimes, stamp duty is also required and you have to also check the validity of the supplementary deed and LLP agreement and sometimes also need the partner’s signature. There are several reasons why an LLP company change their agreement. First, a consultancy or advisor should know why a company needs to change their agreement and based on the reason, they have to prepare the document and submit for changes. suppose, if any LLP company want to add a new partner in their group for extra capital, then you have to need the partners signature, other proper documentation and verified identity proof, etc. every process need some paperwork and other details and you need to choose the best process as per your need. check and select the best type of company as per your need.

Types of changes that can be executed in an LLP agreement!

•           You can change the name and activity of the LLP

•           You can change the rights, contribution, and duties of the LLP

•           You can also change the amendment in the LLP agreement

•           You can change your office address or profit-sharing ratio between partners based on contribution!

•           Also, wind-up or dissolution of the LLP.

Proper legal guidance is always important to run a company without any government notice. If you want to create a good reputation in the market then you have to move legally properly. Whether you want to change your LLP agreement or want to register your LLP company, you should consult with an expert for this purpose.

What are the documents needed for changing the LLP agreement?

If you want to change your LLP agreement due to any reason, following documents you need to change the LLP agreement.  With form 3 you have to be enclosed with different other documents like Original LLP agreement, Modified LLP agreement, supplementary deed, Proper resolution that need to be changed, and any other supplementary forms or documents that are required as proof. if you don’t have much idea about the changing process and LLP agreement then hiring an expert consultant for this purpose is very important. once you will hire an experienced consultant, he or she will manage everything all the time.

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