Trademark Renewal: Overview

Why choose the trademark renewal process:

Trademark Renewal is a very important process and in India, growing business demand always increases demand for trademark renewal and registration process. If you have a trademark and want to renew it, then you have to undergo some process. The demand for trademark registration and renewal process is always high. This trademark always protects your business and business identity and creates safety. Whether you have a small business, start-up, medium-size business, you can choose any type of trademark anytime.  if your trademark is going to finish its license and you need to renew then you have to undergo lots of processes.

There are some processes and ways available through which Trademark renewal can be done easily. Trademarks act as a distinguisher between services and goods. They are offering similar services or goods from different businesses. If your trademark includes lack of distinctiveness, offensive, and includes government emblems then trademark renewal can be behold anytime. You have to follow complete government rules and regulations to make the process easier.

Documents required for the trademark Renewal!

You have to bring a trademark registration certificate. You also need to take power of attorney to represent the applicant. You also need one photo id and address proof for the applicant and a copy of the application form of trademark registration.

A company needs to file their request for application for trademark renewal once their application becomes expires. Before expire the term, the register is always reminded to the TM owner. If you will not apply further for renewal then after a certain time, the right for a trademark can expire and any other company can use the same design or logo for their business. So, be aware of this purpose. if you have a brand then you have to keep your trademark renewal on time. this helps to run your business without any worry. check and select the best type of trademark as per your need.

Things that you need to focus on…

You have to prepare a checklist for trademark renewal. There are certain things you have to check whenever you are going for a Trademark renewal. The trademark is always registered possessed by the proprietor and subject to renewal. Also need to trademark search to make sure that there is no similar trademark. You also need to apply for legal opinions for feasible solutions. You also need to prepare an application for the renewal process and you need to apply with appropriate conditions.


If you want a trademark can be restored then you have to apply after the expiry of the trademark within 6 months. There is a difference between trademark registration and renewal. Registration means you have to register your trademark and secure it all the time. Trade renewal means you have to renew that license constantly all the time. the trademark is very important for any type of business because it increases business and expands business securely. you can improve and create the brand as well. You have to hire a professional consultancy for this purpose.

The complete process for trademark renewal …

There are two types of trademark renewal processes available in the market. One is the change of sign or logo registered trademark and another is application is made without any change in the trademark. The process is completely simple and easy. The applicant needs trademark registration renewal from TM-R. You can fill out this form by the agent or registered owner of the trademark. Once you will renew it, you can renew your trademark after 10 years. You also need to check the application for trademark and after a certain time, you will get news whether your application is accepted or rejected.


There are some times required for restoration of the trademark. A trademark registration process can be restored after six months. There are two types of forms available in the market, one is TM-R and another is TM-18. You also need to provide fees for this. If you want to apply for trademark renewal, then there is certain documentation you need to prepare. You have to add a registration certificate, ID proof, address proof, power of attorney, etc. You need form TM 1 as well and need to use that as well. Trademark registration is one type of asset for a company. Renewing a trademark is always the best option.

Hire an expert for this purpose!

you should hire an expert for this purpose. If you will choose a reputed consultancy or company for this purpose, you will get many benefits from it. They will prepare all the documents on behalf of your company, and they will fill-up the form and submit and make a file for your company. You don’t need to worry about the whole process. They will take care of the process.  You just need to provide the fees that are all. Once you will hire an expert for this purpose it will save you valuable time and cost both. you can focus on your business and they will do the entire paperwork and documentation for you.


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